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Concrete Surfers - FAQ's

About the Sessions

How long do the sessions last?

Classes run for 60 minutes.


Minimum or maximum age to participate?

There is no minimum or maximum age, but if you are a minor you will have to be accompanied by an adult at your own risk.

What are the requirements to sign me up?

No requirements are needed for our classes, but good vibe is essential to get the most out of the session. Being physicaly ready is also very important, and will help you with your practice.


How do I make the payment?

You make the payment before all classes, using our booking platform. book here


What do I have to bring for Surfskate class?

Mandatory mask, Helmet, protection gear, water and comfortable shoes (optional)


Is the equipment included?

We can provide you with a surfskate during the first few classes. You can bring your own if you have one. Due to COVID -19 restrictions, the protection gear is not included  


Is it dangerous to SurfSkate?

All sports have their own risks, surfskate is an action sport with extra challenge. This is the reason with it being mandatory to use protection gear in all our classes (helmet, hands, elbow and knee pads).


How do you ensure class safety?

Classes never have more than 8 students, with only one level per class.


How difficult is it to surfskate?

.All sports have their own learning curve. Surfskate is no different, its challenging but fun.


Do I have a chronic injury, in the wrist is it feasible to perform this sport equally?

All sessions are adapted for each client.


Where are the sessions held?

Currently we organize classes in 3 locations, Cascais, Lagos and Lisbon.

How do I sign up for a session?

You can book your session here  BOOK NOW , using our booking platform.

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